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Our Terms and Conditions

A legal framework is necessary in many aspects of daily life and the reservation of holiday accomodation is no exception.

When you reserve any form of holiday accomodation you enter into a binding contract with the provider of that accomodation which, like all such agreements, can only be cancelled by mutual agreement.

In particular, the agreement gives rise to the following rights and obligations.

Paragraph 1

The agreement comes into effect when the guest has reserved the room and the landlord has confirmed the reservation. The agreement is binding whether it is in writing or by word of mouth. If shortage of time prevents a formal confirmation, the agreement is valid when the room is made available.

Paragraph 2

The agreement is binding on both parties irrespective of the duration of the reservation.

Paragraph 3

In the event that the landlord is unable to provide the agreed accomodation, the landlord must pay the guest compensation.

Paragraph 4.a

In the event that the guest is unable or unwilling to use the agreed accomodation, the guest must pay the landlord the agreed price less the outlay that the landlord saves due to the absence of the guest.

Paragraph 4.b

In the case that the guest booked Bed and Breakfast, the guest must pay 80% of the room rate for cancelled accomodation or when the guests fails to arrive.

Paragraph 5.a

The landlord is obliged to do his best to find alternative guests for cancelled reservations. If he is successful, the payment in paragraph 4 is waived.

Paragraph 5.b

The guest must make the payment under paragraph 4 for the duration of the agreement or until an alternative tenant can be found.

Paragraph 6

Arrival day and departure day are reckoned together as one day. The rooms must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

Paragraph 7

Court of jurisdiction is Wittlich.

We wish you a very pleasant stay!